Arctica Finance and The Iceland Ocean Cluster Partnership

18. June 2018

Arctica Finance and The Iceland Ocean Cluster have formed a partnership to develop opportunities in the fishing industry. The initial focus will be on financing of projects related to fisheries, seafood byproducts and biotechnology, worldwide. 

Húni Jóhannesson has been hired as a specialist in Arctica Finance's corporate finance team to help drive projects relating to this partnership. Húni previously worked as a consultant at Analytica with a focus on financial and economic analyses. Alongside his work, he has been a lecturer at Bifröst University. Húni holds an MSc in both Financial Economics and in Corporate Finance from the University of Iceland and a BSc in Business Administration from Bifrost University. He is also a certified securities broker. 

The partnership will utilize and develop ideas and opportunities generated in the Iceland Ocean Cluster's extensive network, which includes the sister clusters in Maine and Massachusetts. Current plans include launching new Ocean Clusters in Europe and U.S.

Arctica Finance is a securities brokerage firm that provides institutional investors and high net worth individuals with services in Corporate Finance, Wealth Management and Capital Markets. Arctica Finance's team has participated in many of the largest corporate finance deals in Iceland in recent years. 

The Icelandic Ocean Cluster and Arctica Finance believe that this partnership will enable the creation of multiple exciting opportunities that will help drive further growth of the fishing and seafood industry, globally.