Board of Directors

María Rúnarsdóttir, Chairman of the Board

María Rúnarsdóttir, Chairman of the Board, is an independent investor. Prior María was CFO of SMI ehf. and Korputorg ehf., a consultant at KPMG and CFO of SVAR technologies ehf., as well as being one of the founders of MINT Solutions ehf. María is currently on the Boards of the following companies: Fly Play hf., MRI ehf., NMR ehf., Umbra ehf., Uniconta Ísland ehf. and EA14 ehf.  María has an MBA degree from MIT (Massachusetts Institution of Technology) in Boston, US and a B.Sc. degree in business administration from the University of Reykjavik.


Erlendur Svavarsson, Board Member

Erlendur Svavarsson, Board Member, has worked in the airline industry since 1992, when he began his career at Air Atlanta and later MD airlines. In 2003 Erlendur joined Loftleiðir Icelandic ehf. In 2008 Erlendur became Senior Vice President for Business Development at Icelandair Group. From 2010 until 2023 Erlendur waw a Senior Vice President at Loftleiðir Icelandic. Erlendur has been the CEO of AJW Capital, which is an international investment company in the aviation related industry, from 2024. Erlendur has served on the board of many of Icelandair Group‘s subsidiaries and today sits on the Boards of Leikbreytir ehf. and Biarmia slf. Erlendur has a B.A. in Russian and Economics from the University of Iceland, an MBA from Reykjavik University and AMP from Harvard Business School.


Þórir Kjartansson, Board Member

Þórir Kjartansson is the CEO of Icelandic Investments ehf. Þórir is a civil engineer from the University of Iceland and has an MBA from IESE in Barcelona. Þórir has been an independent investor since 2000 through Íslensk fjárfesting ehf., which he owns and operates in cooperation with another man. Þórir has held various positions , such as being on the board of the National University Hospital of Iceland for a few years. Þórir has been a board of various companies and is currently a board member of Íslensk fjárfesting ehf. and several of its subsidiaries.


Gísli Þór Arnarson, alternate Board Member

Gísli Þór Arnarson, alternate Board Member, has a C.S degree in Construction Engineering from the University of Iceland and an MBA degree from the University of Louisville in the USA. Gísli is the managing director of the shipping division of Samskip, but was a director during 2006 – 2012 within that division. Previously Gísli worked for three years in the import division of Eimskip and another three years before that as an engineer and business consultant at The Corradino Group.


Þórhalla Sólveig Jónsdóttir, alternate Board Member

Þórhalla Sólveig Jónsdóttir, alternate Board Member, has a B.Sc. degree in Business from the University of Iceland, with empasis on marketing and management, and an MCF degree in corporate finance from Reykjavik University, as well as having a degree in securities brokerage in Iceland. Þórhalla Sólveig was director of Middle Office at Icebank 2007 - 2009 and director of the claims process at LBI's liquidation board 2009 - 2018. Þórhalla Sólveig also sits on the board of Málefli, an interest organization for the benefit of children and adolescents with speech and language disorders, and was appointed to a steering group organized by the Ministry of Health regarding work on the integration of services for children who need speech pathology services.