Legal disclaimer

Legal disclaimer for Arctica Finance's websites and social media content

Information on Arctica Finance's websites is published to the best of our knowledge and provided for informational purposes only, but should not be used on the assumption that it is advice or investment advice regarding financial instruments or otherwise. Investors are strongly encouraged to seek the advice of their own advisor, e.g. due to their legal or tax status, before any kind of transaction is carried out. Trading in financial instruments is inherently risky. Past price changes do not necessarily indicate future price changes.

Arctica Finance works with information that the company considers correct, but does not guarantee the reliability or accuracy of the information. The information and opinions or interpretations expressed on the website can change without notice, and special attention is drawn to the fact that plans and forecasts can change without notice in a positive or negative way and are subject to external uncertainties and variables. Arctica Finance does not guarantee to make changes to the information published on the website if its assumptions change or if information turns out to be false or inaccurate.

Neither Arctica Finance nor the company's managers or employees are responsible for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the company's website or information that can be found on the Arctica Finance website or for damage that can be attributed to the fact that the website cannot be used, for shorter or longer period.

Arctica Finance owns the copyright to the information on the website, unless otherwise stated or required by the nature of the case. Information found on the website may not be distributed, copied or used in any other way without the written permission of Arctica Finance. However, Arctica Finance's clients are permitted to save such information for personal use.

The above disclaimers also apply to all information and content posted by Arctica Finance on social media, if applicable.

Legal disclaimer for emails

Emails and attachments sent from Arctica Finance's email addresses may contain confidential and/or private information and are intended only for the intended recipient. If the content of the e-mail and attachment is not related to the activities of Arctica Finance, the sender is solely responsible. Attention is drawn to the fact that any kind of disclosure, copying or distribution of the information contained in e-mails and attachments is not permitted and may subject to damages and criminal liability according to law, in addition to the fact that the recipient must, according to the current electronic communications law, notify the sender that the email or its attachment has wrongly reached him. In such cases, please maintain the utmost confidentiality, notify the sender of the mistake and delete the email and attachments, without keeping a copy, in accordance with the legal obligation pursuant to Article 88 of Act no. 70/2022, on electronic communications.

Arctica Finance is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete transmission of information which an email may contain, nor for delays in its delivery or damage that may occur to the recipient's computer system. Arctica Finance does not guarantee the security of emails or that they are free of viruses or that third party intervention has not taken place.

Legal disclaimer regarding call recordings and data storage

Attention is drawn to the fact that telephone calls to and from Arctica Finance may be recorded in accordance with provisions of the law, without special notification each time, but the purpose is to ensure the safety of clients and Arctica Finance and to correct possible misunderstandings. The same applies to conversations through other traceable electronic media.

Arctica Finance is required by law to retain various data, e.g. recorded calls and other electronic communications, but this must be in accordance with the provisions of the act on data protection and the processing of personal data and the act on electronic communications. As a general rule, it is mandatory to retain the above-mentioned data for at least five years. Inspection and delivery of data is only permitted to certain Arctica Finance employees and authorities, e.g. police and regulatory agencies. In other respects, it is obligatory to treat retained data in the same way as other information, which is subject to the confidentiality obligation of financial institutions.

Measurements of web usage

The Arctica Finance website does not automatically collect any personal data about use and users. However, the use of the website is measured by the Google Analytics service, which collects personal information within the meaning of the act on data protection and the processing of personal data. The privacy policy of Arctica Finance can be found here .