Asset Management

Arctica Finance‘s Asset Management offers independent investment advice and asset management for high net worth individuals and institutional investors.


Arctica Finance‘s Asset Management strives for realistic solutions and long term relationship built on trust and confidentiality.

Clients have direct access to their asset manager which can provide research and advice on all major markets as well as provide tailor made solutions for challenging financial requirements.

Investment advice

Arctica Finance‘s Asset Management offers its advising expertise on all financial instruments (bonds, equities and shares) where the final investment decision is with the client. The client can on daily basis access the asset manager for advice and the asset manager will regularly present applicable investment opportunities.

Asset management

Arctica Finance‘s Asset Management offers discretionary asset management for individuals and institutional investors. The discretionary mandates offered have different risk profiles, with different exposure to asset classes. The mandates for institutional investors can be specially designed, depending on assets under management.